Soft Shackle 70cm 19 ton

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70 cm Button Knot Soft Shackle.

Minimum BS: 19,800 Kg 

Made in Australia

  • Made from 12mm rope, HMPE Rope, Well known as Dyneema/Spectra
  • Rope is 12 strands with single braid
  • The material has a gravity of 0.98, can float in water and mud
  • Protective sleeve fitted
  • High visibility and good UV resistant
  • Genuine "George 4X4" product made in Brisbane Australia

These soft shackles are designed to be safer, stronger, lighter and easier to use than traditional steel "D" shackles or "Bow" shackles. 


  • Do not join together with a pulley or a recovery point, if there is any sharp edges
  • Always keep it clean, wash before and after use
  • Any small rocks or sand particles must be cleaned before tightening begin

For this product we offer a flat $8.00 fee for Australia Wide shipping "door to door" by Aust Post.

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